Children And Teens

Is your child experiencing anxiety, depression, anger? Is your child withdrawing and struggling to express his or her feelings? Children can become overwhelmed with their feelings for a variety of reasons. Children who experience divorce, school stress or bullying, social difficulties, loss, or trauma, can struggle to process these overwhelming emotions. Our therapists use creative tools to help children release negative feelings associated with traumatic events. Our therapists use play therapy, talk therapy, story telling, and other proven therapeutic tools to help children deal with overwhelming feelings that are causing stress. We also work with parents to develop new communication tools to re-establish positive rapport with their children. We value and welcome parents feedback and involve them in the therapeutic process.


Is your teen struggling with depression, anxiety, or anger? Teens can struggle with navigating their feelings if they are dealing with school stress, divorce, bullying, social awkwardness, issues with their family members or friends. They can become confused or overwhelmed by these confusing feelings. Adolescence is a challenging time for teens and parents. Often, communication can become negative and can cause teens to withdraw or become angry. Our goal is to help teens express their feelings in a safe, trusting, environment. We will validate and listen to your teens feelings and help them understand the root of their negative feelings. We will help them build self- esteem and self- confidence. Often, parents need support and guidance during adolescence. Our therapists will work with you and your teen to re- establish positive and open communication.


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