The William A. Presti Center for Families and Youth is offering teletherapy for new and current clients during this challenging time. We understand that people in our community are struggling with anxiety, uncertainty, loss, and even trauma. The coronavirus is straining families in many ways. We want to provide much-needed support to everyone. Our therapists can help you deal with the anxiety and stress created by this pandemic. In addition, we can provide therapy for many other issues. We are trained to work with couples, teens, adults, and families. Teens and young adults are struggling with this pandemic. They can’t get together with friends. They can’t go shopping or attend other venues with their friends. Adults are feeling the uncertainty about whether they will have a job. Families are stressed about not being able to go out.

The benefits of teletherapy are numerous. You can receive support without leaving your home and taking any risk of catching the virus. We can offer you flexible scheduling times that work for you and members of your family. Our therapists are trained to give you tools to help cope with anxiety, loss, trauma, and more. We will not only give you tools to help deal with a variety of emotional issues, but we will validate your experience. In an uncertain world, we are here for you.

If you or a loved one is in need of therapy, please call us today! We have therapists who are committed to helping you during this difficult time!

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