Therapy for Depression

Depression can manifest itself in many ways. People who are depressed often show an array of symptoms such as anger, anxiety, guilt and sadness. These symptoms can be very draining and debilitating.

Depression can happen to anyone at any age. Many people suffer with depression but do not seek help.
Some of the symptoms of depression are a persistent sad, anxious or “empty” mood. Sleeping too much or too little. Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased appetite and weight gain. Loss of interest or lack of pleasure in activities once enjoyed. Restlessness or irritability. Persistent physical symptoms that don’t respond to treatment (such as headaches, chronic pain, or digestive disorders. Difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions. Fatigue or loss of energy. Feeling guilty, hopeless or worthless.

Depression can cause people to feel isolated, ashamed, and lonely. When depression becomes is too difficult to manage, you can become suicidal. You can feel as if they cannot “fight” anymore.

Depression can be managed. Reaching out for help and gaining awareness and tools to treat depression, will help you change your perspective on you life.

Don’t live alone with depression. Our caring and experienced therapists will help you understand depression and give you tools to manage it. We are here to help. Call us for a confidential appointment.

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