Couples Counseling

Are you and your partner arguing, struggling to communicate, and unable to resolve “old” conflicts? Our therapists will help you develop new, healthy, ways to communicate with your partner or spouse. We provide a safe place for couples to express their feelings freely and openly. We help couples “partner” with each other to ensure that the relationship moves in a positive direction. Often when couples are stressed, they forget what the strengths are in the relationship.

Our therapists focus on what is strong in the relationship and build on those strengths. We help couples re-establish positive rapport to reverse the negative dynamic in the relationship. Relationships struggle because conflict is not resolved. We help couples resolve “old” conflicts that drain the relationship and inhibit positive communication. We help couples understand the root of the issues that are negatively impacting communication and closeness. We help couples move from understanding the root issues of the problem to utilizing new tools to promote a healthy dynamic in the relationship. Our mission is to help couples begin a new, hopeful, journey in their relationship.


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